Saturday, 10 May 2008

We're in Prague

Picked the bike up - all ok - set off for Dover last Tuesday. Crossed on the SpeedFerry in 55 minutes to France then headed north to Calais for the night.
Traveling on the wrong side of the road was very weird! First round-a-bout, nearly got wiped out by not looking LEFT. The motorways in Germany are awesome. Sitting on 130 cruising nicely and got overtaken by a Ferrari doing 200+.
Met Paul M in Germany and parted company 5 hours later! Didn't realize he was on such a tight schedule of 600-800km per day. O well, as the saying goes.
Spent last night in a quaint little village somewhere near Alfeld in Germany.
Made it to Prague today and spent 3 hours riding in circles around the inner city trying to find accommodation. Should have gone straight to the information center, shouldn't we?
Tomorrow we have a day in Prague doing the tourist thing. Then head east to Kuta Hora and the Church of Bones.
Stay tuned . . . .
Day 2 in Prague:
Secure parking in the hotel - straight thru the lobby!