Sunday, 18 May 2008

Great day in Bucharest

Saturday 17 May 2008
After meeting Mihai, we took the bike to his service centre and gave it an oil change and general look over. We also attached a heat shield to the left hand pannier because everything inside was getting roasted by the heat from the exhaust. Works fine now. Saturday night we had diner with Mihai and his wife and later Andrei and Adriana took us for a drive around town in the evening looking at the Military Museum and Peoples House (Parliament).
Earlier that day we returned to Targovista to visit the Police Museum - well worth the trip. An extrordinary museum with exhibits dating back to early 1800's when the first Police were mercenaries from Turkey. Found a NSW Police Cap, but no badge (promised the curator we would try and send her one). We donated an AFP and NSW Police Patch which were immediately placed in a prominent position in the display.
Next door to the museum is a small castle which was inhabited by Prince Vlad - took a couple of photos and climbed the 6 million stairs to the top of the guard's watchtower!

Andrei and a couple of friends
The curator of the Romanian Police Museum.
Mihai and his wife.
Outside the House of the People.