Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Leaving St Petersburg

We're leaving St Petersburg tomorrow morning (Thu 5 June) and travelling west towards Estonia. Photos of Peter when we have more time to post . . . .

Moscow to St Petersburg

It's Wednesday 4 June. We rode into St Petersburg yesterday afternoon and was met by a member of the Rolling Anarchy MC and escorted to their clubhouse where we spent last night. The ride out of Moscow was woefull; cold, rain and trucks; not to mention the million trucks on the road. It was a fine day when we left Moscow but a 100 km up the road it turned bad - temp dropped to about 8 degrees; it rained; the roads turned nasty (heaps of road works which required carefull navigation); and every truck in Russia was in our way (all blowing diesel fumes). We couldn't find a place to stay or camp; so kept on riding. We ended up 125km out of St Petersurg about 7pm that evening and fell on a service station which had a hotel attached; and crashed for the night.
The next day we headed out to St Petersburg about 9.30am and took us to about 3pm to cover the 125km; only to find the hotel we had chosen was full. Three other hotels in the near vicinity were all full (should of booked). We rang our contact with the local MC and they came to the rescue. Found us in town and escorted us to their clubhouse which has a bunkhouse; shower, toillet, and kitchen; not to mention the bar.
So, after a good nights sleep we're off to see the sights.