Monday, 19 May 2008

We're in Tulcea

We're in Tulcea; the mouth of the Danube Delta. Going on a 6 hour river cruise tomorrow to the world heritage park. We don't know when we can next post because from here we're heading north along the Moldovian border to the Ukraine; should enter the Ukraine in 3 or 4 days and from there, a couple of days to Kiev (for chicken).

Few more pictures

Romanian Police Museum
Prince Vlad's stronghold in Targovista
Prince Vlad's family tree

Bucharest to Constanta

Sunday 18 May 2008
We're were escorted out of Bucharest by Mihai and his wife and rode the picturesque road east to Constanta via the ferry which borders Bulgaria. Very fantastic scenery and winding (bumpy) roads. When we arrived in Constanta Mihai found us a hotel and we dropped our bags off. We then road about 60km south to Vama Veche, a hippy type seaside town. We there met members of the Sea Wolves MC and had a very large but enjoyable lunch. We rode back to Constanta late that evening and slept for 12 hours!

The ferry across the Danube from Calarasi

We think this guy was the Pres of the Seawolves MC (he gave Colleen a Club t-shirt and me a stick-on patch for the bike)
Mihai and the Seawolves MC