Saturday, 28 June 2008


We're here on Corsica. The story so far...... Whilst we were in Germany we got an email from a guy called Antonio from Pisa who saw our blog and invited us down to pick our brains because he and his wife Laura were planning a trip to the eastern block countries. So, by the time we contacted him we were in Switzerland.
So, heading down through Switzerland and Austria on some of the most amazing roads we have riden on; we crossed over into Italy and down through the Italian Alps; more amazing roads.
Turns out Antonio is planning to move to Townsville with his Australian wife at the end of the year. Cut a long story short; we hit it off with these guys qnd stayed with them in their house in Grosetto (half way between Pisa and Rome). Antonio (on his GS) took us for a ride through the Tuscany countryside - nice country. He also suggested we take a side trip to Corsica. So leaving Tuscany we caught the ferry to Bastia on Corseca; We've travelled the length of the island and now in Ajjecio suning ourselves on the beach for 3 days. Heading on the ferry to Nice next Monday and from there, who knows!
To Antonio and Laura - can't thank you guys enough for your hospitality and friendship. It must be fate we met you both. Looking forward to catching up with you in Townsville next Autumn. Laura - get your man another bloody beer woman (in-house joke)!
Mum - should be back in the UK in around 2 weeks - more later.
Photos later when we can upload them on a proper computer.