Saturday, 17 May 2008

We're in Bucharest

Made it. Will post more tomorrow when we're awake . . .
Saturday 17 May 2008:
Made it into Bucharest late yesterday afternoon; wet and tired. We crossed the Carpathians near Brasov and got caught in a thunderstorm with much lightening. The road was very poor; steep, winding with huge potholes that were filled with rain and it was difficult to see them and see how deep they were. Dodging trucks and horse drawn carts; great fun!
We stopped at Bran Castle and saw the home of Dracula; very well restored from 13th century. We attempted to ride over the Transfargas Pass however the road was blocked with snow and one of the best roads to ride on was bypassed. Have a look at the photo further down this blog on what we missed out on.
We tried to find a camping site or other accommodation yesterday after leaving Bran in Targoviste (the Police Museum); however we again got caught in a storm and had to navigate heavy traffic through the town, including flooded roads; so we kept going and made it all the way to Bucharest.
On arrival we phoned Andrei from the HUB and met him later at out hotel. (we booked in at the Ibis) We also bumped into another guy (Paul) riding an African Twin who stayed and had a beer with us last night. He and his wife will be joining us today for a ride back to Targoviste to see the museum; Mihal from the HUB is also coming along. Tonight Andrei and his mates are taking us on a night museum tour and ride around the city.

Bran Castle